102 Ways To Generate Extra Cash

ways to make extra cash

I am frequently asked (and more often now that the economy is in the tank), “What can I do to generate some extra cash?” There are many ways to generate additional cash, some of them quicker than others. If you need a lot of cash, these tips alone probably won’t do it; few, if any, of them are substitutes for the income a full time job provides. But if you just need a little help these can generate some extra money, particularly if you do more than one. Below is my list of (relatively) quick ways to come up with a little extra cash in your pocket.

1. Sell your old gold.

2. Collect aluminum and other metals and sell them to a metal recycler. A metal detecter makes this ea


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20 Responses to 102 Ways To Generate Extra Cash

  1. Wow, I don’t want to know how long it took you to put this together. I’ve either looked into or tried at least 1/3 of these, but that means I’ve got another 70 or so to consider.

    Donating plasma is a great way to make some extra cash, and the world will thank you.

  2. Traciatim says:

    Number 80 is illegal. You can’t buy a CD, rip the music, sell the CD and expect to still listen to the music legally. You may as well just go download it instead and avoid the time spent ripping the CD.

  3. Hilary says:

    My boyfriend and I started our nestegg by doing 81 with stuff left over at our college (especially textbooks). $5000 is not bad for college students, I have to say…

  4. Tashia says:

    When my family first started on the journey of paying off our debt, we had a garage sale. We sold anything and everything that we did not need, the kids were guarding their stuff diligently!
    We made $1300, selling regular stuff, the most expensive thing was a $40 item. We put a lot of time into planning and preparing for the sale, but it paid off!

  5. MoneyEnergy says:

    Great list, but (1) no one would have the time to do all of this, or even half of it probably; and (2) some of these items, if not illegal, are rather hitting close to the unethical.

    Also, alot of these are just different types of jobs – they could all be collapsed into one item: get a job!

    Great to get thinking about!

  6. #80 isn’t illegal if you are selling the orginal CD from the store and keeping your Ipod copy…
    how about dropping the internet and using for free at the library, and dropping the cable or dish?? Almost everyone I know who is on government assistance has both cell and house phones, cable or dish, and internet at home.

  7. Tightwad says:

    Panhandle? Get serious!!

  8. Rachel says:

    #80 IS illegal. There’s no way to justify it.

    Good list – got me thinking. Thanks!

  9. Johnboy says:

    Cool list, but I have the best way to make some extra cash and all you have to do is……………………………………………………………… and that’s it! amazing huh?

  10. Kix says:


    i just found a little error on #58 you wrote GreePhone.com instead of GreenPhone.com.

    anyway, thanks for all your ideas. and hopefully it may come useful to other people who are really looking for ways to earn extra cash.

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  12. Stilenohio says:

    ok #80 is NOT illeagl, If you buy a cd, down load it to your pc or ipod then sell the original cd at buy backs or a yard sell or swap meet that is not illeagl. what is illeagl is to buy that same cd at a store, rip the music, burn the ripped music to a cd then try to sell the bootlegged copies.

  13. carlos says:

    well the ideas are good but you not made a lot of money ,you spent more money wen you buy the books,and same thin whit the garage sale

  14. Leah says:

    Carlos- Not always. Garage sales can REALLY pay off. The only really money going into is for the signs and if you advertise in the newspaper. And the signs alone can be made for under $5. It time that that makes them difficult to do.

    For those saying you won’t earn a living, just get a job…DUH! This is extra stuff to do to earn some extra cash on TOP of your job! I need to do a lot of the this summer even though I’ll be working 2 jobs.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Shop at Costco. So long as you have the receipt and an active membership they will take it back. Even like 10 years,later. 6 month limit on electronics and computers. Macy’s is also good for returns that are not washed.

  16. Mill Race says:

    Selling your old and unused laptop and enjoy the big monetary benefits from the cash-back amount with Eco friendly environment as it helps us to reduce e-waste. So save environment and recycle your laptop to get great good cash back price out of it.

  17. Mike says:

    A good one to add to the list is flipping a car!

  18. Steve says:

    54. Go through drive through lanes and parking lots after hours and pick up the spare change you find?

    Hey, wait a minute, I have an idea. Show the person at Yahoo in charge of hiring these yahoos the kind of garbage that he / she is getting for the money, and offer to write articles that actually make sense for the same money they are paying for drivel. That way you make a few extra bucks and help to preserve the sanity of Yahoo’s readers.

  19. Steve says:

    Go to Walmart wearing a really large oversize baggy long sleeve shirt and pants, and then and take four or five sets of clothes to the dressing room to try them on. Work with a partner who will slip and fall right outside the dressing room, as you are leaving and putting back on the rack one of the sets of clothes, and wear the other sets under your oversize outerwear.
    Oh, wait. Pretend to have a problem with pain and go to a doctor who will prescribe pain medication for you, then get the prescription filled and sell the extras to your friends. Find a dozen cooperating doctors and pharmacies in different towns, and visit each doctor once a week or so.
    Or, oh, wait a minute. Get a really high quality printer and some really expensive paper and make photocopies of $20 bills, and sell the $20 bills to gullible strangers for only $10.
    Hey, I know. Get attractive girls really drunk and take pictures of them naked and sell the pictures.
    Gosh, isn’t making extra money fun?

  20. Joel says:

    My wife and I did number 5 (clean houses) and ended up making a TON of money doing it.

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