Inexpensive Ways To Get Organized

If you can’t afford the luxury of a professional crew of organizers and designers to organize your clutter and maximize your space, that doesn’t mean you have to keep living in chaos. Those of us on a budget still have plenty of options for getting organized. All you need to get started is some time and $30 (or maybe even less).

First, decide what area you want to focus on. If your home is in decent shape, you may feel comfortable focusing on your home as a whole. If every square foot is a disaster zone, pick a small area to start with, like the entryway or a bedroom.

Here are some techniques you can implement and inexpensive items you can buy to start getting organized. (Try


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14 Responses to Inexpensive Ways To Get Organized

  1. You hit the nail on the head with the first one. In order to get organized you have to dump your junk. As someone who works in organized chaos, even I admit that putting your life in order starts with getting rid of “stuff”.

  2. Miranda says:

    Thanks for the great organization tips. Especially getting rid of the junk. It’s amazing how much progress you can make if you get rid of the clutter first.

  3. justme says:

    I like its a good site for those with big clutter problems
    but evn those that just need refining can get something from it

    the best tips I got was that laundry is not done till it is folded and put away and always see the bottom of your kichen sink once a day
    my house is so dang clean and organized now that people hate me for it 😉

  4. ADollarSaved says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m kind of a clutter bug, but I’m trying!

  5. It’s so true! Great tips. I have been thinking a lot about how you can seriously get more done (it’s just psychological thing) in a cleaner, more organized work environment. With things in their place, you can be more efficient.

    Thanks for the tips! :)

  6. baselle says:

    Why even buy some of your storage items? I’ve been known to buy some items in part due to the container. Mayo jars, fruity gel containers, plastic peanut butter jars, clear glass jars containing marinated artichoke hearts, lemonade bottles with that fancy ceramic flip top … all great containers.

  7. Diane says:

    I’m a follower of flylady as well, though I started my clutter-clearing journey long before I found her.

    The less stuff I have the more I enjoy my home and the things I’ve kept – less time spent cleaning & looking for things & more time for the things I enjoy – like growing vegetables!

    I’m starting a new push to get rid of things I don’t “use or love”. It’s not easy, but I’m sticking with it. The less stuff the better…

  8. I’m also a fan of FlyLady. I was very skeptical of her first task–to make your sink shine. My sink is about 50 years old and looked pretty terrible to the point where I didn’t think there was any way to make it look better. I decided to suspend my disbelief though and followed all her directions and couldn’t believe how good it looked afterward or how good I felt that I made it look that way.

  9. Shannon says:

    Milk crates also make great filing boxes — we had a few of those but no filing boxes and didn’t have to buy anything when our “necessary paperwork” outgrew our small filing cabinet.

  10. Meaghan says:

    I use the inexpensive containers as well (Ziploc). I think they are great for organizing everywhere- including the fridge! Using clear containers is key b/c you can always see what is there.

  11. Marcus says:

    Hello my name is Marcus and I am a fly lady addict. I have been clutter free for 15 months and 22 days. (Mimicking an AA meeting, no offense intended if taken)

    Im a bachelor and my mom pointed me towards fly lady, I do the kitchen sink deep cleaning thing all the time.

  12. Jayne says:

    Great organizing tips, I organize my closet the exact way you described, it’s fast and simple!

  13. Ted Manner says:

    I use plastic bins for my organization. Without it I would be lost in a sea of unsorted junk I call my stuff. But I found some tips at my website for helpful organization. The tips listed here are great as well when on budget. Containers that can stack are the real way to go though.

  14. Ted Manner says:

    I have a lot of stuff. But I mean I guess its not that much. I’m not too interesting in purging (as my wife calls it) but rather organizing the stuff I have. These tips helped. But I’ll raise you to the next level of replacing my file boxes with electronically scanned documents. Man organization rocks!

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