A Life Without Debt: Getting By In Tough Times

One of the things you learn when you live a life committed to being debt free is how to get by in tough times. We’ve had our share of lean years, emergencies, and layoffs and yet we’ve always managed to remain debt free. The worst time I can remember was after we were first married and were both working low paying jobs. I think we were making about $28,000 between the two of us. We didn’t have much in savings at the time because we hadn’t had time to build up much of a nest egg. I think we had maybe $2,000 in there. Then the worst thing happened (at least it was the worst by my definition at the time). My husband lost his job, leaving us with my piddly $13,000 income


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4 Responses to A Life Without Debt: Getting By In Tough Times

  1. RAJEEV TIPS says:

    Good to read this as it does tell us virtues of being debt free..agree with you that in these times frugal living and lots of saving is the way to go. Even Gerald celente says dont spend penny you cant afford.

  2. You don’t know what you’re made of until you have lived through hard times and had your mettle tested. Sounds like you have survived, thrived and accomplished your goal of remaining debt free. Kudos!

  3. Steve says:

    Thats a wonderful story. Many times like that actually bring us together as couples. My college days were similar though I wasnt married.

  4. sdbtruth says:

    Wonderful and inspirational story. There is an excellent book I just finished reading titled: The SmartestWay to SAVE, Why You Can’t Hang on to Money and What do Do About It” by Samuel K. Freshman and Heidi E. Clingen. The book talks about why some people who have small incomes get rich and some people with big incomes go into bankruptcy. It’s all about how we think about money.Simple and practical. We have been spoiled for too long and have basically forgotten how to be thrify.

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