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Haggling For Bargains

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Things I Wish I Had Known About Work When I Was Younger

When you’re a young adult preparing for a working world that you haven’t yet experienced, knowing what to expect is difficult. Here are a number of things I wish I had known about work when I was 20 that would … Continue reading

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Personal Responsibility Is The Key to Financial Success

I think if I hear the words “bail out” once more I might scream. It seems that everywhere I turn these days someone, some company, or some institution is getting bailed out of their bad financial decisions. As someone who … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important to Read the Fine Print

Do you ever stop to consider all of the papers that you receive in the course of your daily life, but which you do not stop to read? Do you read the warranties on every product you purchase and the … Continue reading

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When the Poverty Mindset Threatens Family and Fun

Here’s a case study to think about: A member of my family has large retirement funds and savings accounts, a good income, no mortgage, and no other debt. She does not buy the top of the line in anything and … Continue reading

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Frugal Love

Men dread Valentine’s Day. Women love it. It’s a gal’s holiday. I realize that this is a generalization, not all men dread Valentine’s Day and not all women love it. But in general, women are more geared towards all that … Continue reading

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