Is Inconvenience Holding You Back from Saving Money?

It is almost comical the trouble I am running into saving money lately.

For instance, I was shopping at a favorite second-hand store when I found a great purse. I was so excited to find something that was the right size, reasonably priced and in fairly good shape that I quickly paid for it and moved onto the next store.

Guess what I found there? It was the exact purse, in better shape, and at a cheaper price. I reviewed my options: I could purchase the second purse and take the other back for store credit, but I was just too tired and driving back to the other store seemed like a huge inconvenience.

Not a day later, it happened with coffee. I spotted the same cans of coffee that I just grabb


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10 Responses to Is Inconvenience Holding You Back from Saving Money?

  1. S Adair says:

    This is a great article about saving money!I am seriously considering killing our landline as well! It seems we use our cellphones way more. I already took our landline service down to a measured line. I saved ten dollars a month with that alone!

  2. Frugal says:

    Yep. For me what I find is hard to find the time to walk to three or four local drug stores to see who has what on sale in a given week/lower base price for an unknown product before deciding to use coupons somewhere, only to find the product cheaper elsewhere. Bah

  3. baselle says:

    As in many other things, perfect is the enemy of the good. Enjoy your purse!

  4. Tightwad says:

    You’re damned if ya do and you’re damned if ya don’t.

  5. crazyliblady says:

    I don’t know about other drug stores like CVS, etc., but Walgreens has their ads, coupons, and rebates online. I just go to the website to browse before I go to the store. I do the same with the grocery store ads and also try to find coupons for as many items as possible. I also get email from Big Lots with coupons. I will grant that I never know what I will find at Big Lots until I get there, so I go to it and Dollar General before I go to my regular grocery store. Anything at those two stores is always cheaper than the reguar grocery store. Yes, it is a lot of work, but I consider it worth it.

  6. Frugal says:

    Yep Walgreens has their coupons on line and I’m in there/Duane Reade most often so I know their base prices, but less so Rite Aid and CVS in order to know that — not on sale anywhere, where’s the best place to buy it when I need X now? i.e. toilet paper

  7. Human One says:

    I went with an internet phone for the land line, Vonage. When it’s all said and done it’s about 22 bucks a month.

    My cousin has gone totally with wireless. There are also devices that can make your wireless “act” like a land line, and the bonus is they are then plugged in for charging, when they are pulling this double duty.

    I have a company provided cell, so i just don’t take any personal calls. My wife has Cricket, which is local only but unlimited minutes for 50 bucks flat.

    If i had a cell I was paying for id get rid of Vonage and get one of those gizmo stand things and hook it up to act like a land line.

    As for the purse, well if i got one of those the other guys at the office would probably paint my office door like a rainbow.

    However in my household there are NO unplanned purchases, period. The wife tells me she needs a purse and she hands me the research on it. If i like her plan, I add it to the budget.

    One more personal example of this was a shotgun I found, similar to your purse, this is a rare shotgun that accepts detachable box magazines and it was love at first sight. (Like the purse) but i walked out on my true love anyway because we were only budgeted for a Remington 870.

    To make it worse I was on vacation out of state. I got back to my room, and did all the research I could on this gun then got in the phone book and wrote down 10 different pawn shops and gun stores for the next day.

    Then the hardest part of all, I called the wife and asked her permission! Plead my case showed my research and was given approval.

    I burnt the entire next day of my vacation looking for something similar. The last place I went, just before dark I found one in a dank and musty pawn shop for 350 bucks less. This was close enough to the budget that it was a doable purchase.

    Had i not found the other one, i would have went back for the first, but knowing – Beforehand without regret – the price was on the high side, and knowing I had done everything I could to find the best deal even at the cost of a vacation day.

    If the gun was gone, then tuff luck. And it has happened, but I can tell you story after story on how i found the best deal, I only have one or two where that great catch got away.

  8. Lori Felix says:

    I know what you mean. My new plan is to only buy toiletries,cleaning products and non-perishable goods once a month and only go to the grocery store for perishable items.

    all my best, Lori

  9. Meaghan says:

    It is difficult and time-consuming to save money…I think there needs to be a balance. I like to check the store ads online and in the newspaper on Sunday and make of list of what I need from each store. If there is only one thing from a particular store, I will generally just skip it. The sale price probably isn’t worth the time and gas it takes to drive there for the one item.

  10. sandyM says:

    I got rid of my landline and subscribe to skype. The savings is awesome and makes me feel much better about having a place to use besides my cell phone which is prepay. This luxury gets funded if the extra is there.

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