Your Kids Can be Financially Savvy

We have all struggled with our finances at one time or another, and I worry how my children’s financial lives will proceed. I want to spare them the trials and tribulations of my experience, but I wonder is that really the right thing to do?

I want my children to be financially savvy, so I think one of the best things I can do is share my financial knowledge with them, even if we have to learn together at times. By helping them attain financial aptitude and the urge to learn more, it may well help them make smarter decisions when they are adults.

My parents played a big part in my financial education in many ways. It’s thanks to them that by the time I took personal finance in


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2 Responses to Your Kids Can be Financially Savvy

  1. Cristi Smith says:

    I am a firm believer in what you have wrote. As a young mother I introduced my child to the household budget at the age of 5. Naturally she was taught the age appropriate things at the right age times. By the time she was a teenager she understood that you cannot spend more than you have coming in. Most teenagers today either don’t get that or don’t care. Our children today are in a gimme generation. For some reason far too many kids think they deserve things and shouldn’t have to earn them. Part of that is our fault as parents. Too many parents want to shield their children. They want to protect them from the big bad world and I have even heard my own friends say, why should they have to worry about that yet? Well, I believe they should be educated on money just like we educate them on doing the right thing. It is a part of the requirement to a successful adulthood.

  2. manageME7 says:

    Imparting money management right from childhood can really help the kids in dealing with financial issues. They can take rational financial decisions more effectively.

    The parents should make their kids realize the essence of money management. They should discuss with their kids about family condition on regular basis.

    Moreover, money management concept should also be taught in schools as a separate subject. This way one can make ‘money management’ a habit right from the early days.

    Life is so simple, do not make it difficult. Just try to manage yourself.

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