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How to Stay Busy When You’re Out of Work

I have been out of work for a few months. At first, I enjoyed having a bit of stress free time. As I look back on the most tranquil times of my adult life, they were almost certainly the summer … Continue reading

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15 Things that Make Flying Coach Bearable

Baby boomers remember a time when airline travel was a luxury and a reason to dress up. But these days, does anyone look forward to flying? Passenger complaints have been increasing along with consumer activism and lobbying congress, but the … Continue reading

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Buying Instead of Doing

There’s a lot about our consumer culture that worries and, sometimes, shocks me. Sometimes things even worry me. Like this: Lately I’ve noticed that things are becoming substitutes for actual experiences. We’ve taken to buying rather than doing. I see … Continue reading

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Optimism in The Stock Market

Dave Kansas of the Wall Street Journal has what I like to see in a capitalist economy: optimism. Talking about the year ahead, he described the stock market as looking “to the future, rather than the past.” Isn’t that exactly … Continue reading

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The Rules of the Road

I went for a drive today. I did not go very far – just the distance of two subdivisions so that I could drop my son off at a friend’s house. I must have seen at least ten or twelve … Continue reading

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Thinking About a Second Job?

There are those who get up and get things done and those who sit and complain. If you’re a get-r-done type of person, then you’re probably considering a second job to help you through financial problems. Sometimes things are not … Continue reading

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How to Nicely Furnish and Decorate Your Apartment for Under $1,000

When you move into a new apartment, you will undoubtedly need or want some items that you didn’t have in your previous apartment. Every apartment has a different layout, different windows, different amounts of storage space, and other subtleties that … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Soon to Teach Kids about Money

Children don’t usually learn money management skills in schools, but don’t think that means they don’t learn about money. Children are like sponges. They soak up everything they can at an early age, and learn much more than we’d like … Continue reading

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Keep Your Brain Active To Save Money

We all know that staying healthy saves us money. The healthier you are, the lower your insurance and medical expenses are likely to be. We are encouraged to eat right, exercise and sleep well in order to remain healthy. But … Continue reading

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Make Your City Better without Raising Taxes

I have been walking regularly to many errands to save money on gas, wear-and-tear on the car, and to tamp down the urge to spend money on a gym membership. While an energizing and cleansing experience, these walks reveal unpleasant … Continue reading

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Renting Responsibly: How Not to be a Victim of Foreclosure

The business section of the Denver Post included a bit about Fannie Mae signing interim rental contracts with tenants of properties their landlords couldn’t pay for. What does this tell me? A renter doesn’t know the financial position of their … Continue reading

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High Cost of Childcare

The Washington Post recently ran an article that really hit home with me. The article detailed the high expense of day-care and cited cases of young children being left at home alone. It went on to explain that many middle … Continue reading

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11 Actions You Can Take To Improve Your Airplane Experience

When we pay so much money for plane tickets, why does the experience have to be so miserable? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be. While this article won’t tell you how to maintain your sanity in a grounded plane … Continue reading

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The Joys of Stocking Up

My wife is a creature of habit – in a good way. She gets up at 5:30 am every day except Saturday so that she can enjoy a healthy breakfast of oatmeal (always from scratch — never instant!) and walnuts, … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Minimize Shipping Costs and Maximize Your Profits

If you’re like me and you sell pretty much anything you don’t use anymore on eBay, then you do a lot of shipping. I hate to eat into my profit margin by paying for shipping supplies, though, so over the … Continue reading

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Why Being “Above” A Job is a Dumb Strategy

I know someone who has been out of work for four or five months. (He had been a big-wig at a financial/investment firm and got laid off.) I greeted him the other day when we were both out raking leaves … Continue reading

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“You’re Overqualified”: How to Beat the One-Liner and Get the Job

In the current economy with layoffs, downsizing, and the flat-out lost job, there are a lot of professionals hoofing the street for a job as well as skilled laborers and unskilled workers. If all you’ve ever done is something as … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

Sunday, December 28, 2008, was a black day. I needed advice from a real person regarding my iPod. My younger son needed software for his iPod. My wife had returns to make at Old Navy and The Gap. My older … Continue reading

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I Want to be a Frugalista!

This past year has been all about changes, some good and a lot not so good. We’ve ridden the gas price roller coaster and held our breath to see the first African American President get elected. Some have cried over … Continue reading

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Getting My Stuff Back in Balance

Generally, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I tend to decide to do things throughout the year and then just get on with them. New Year’s resolutions come with to much pressure and they’ve always seemed forced to me. So … Continue reading

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