7 Ways to Avoid Gym Fees

One of the truths of getting older is that it takes a lot more work to maintain one’s fitness as compared to when we were younger. Not only do you need to be serious about watching what you eat, but what you eat is more likely to stick to unwanted places. Thus, began my search for balance between staying fit and saving money.

Considering past efforts, I’ve weighed my two most-successful options in this struggle: the gym or on my own. There are certainly benefits to both. The gym offers a supportive atmosphere and has all sorts of incredible equipment. On the other hand, there is the monthly fee, travel to and from the gym, childcare arrangements, and the regret of not taking adv


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3 Responses to 7 Ways to Avoid Gym Fees

  1. David G. Mitchell says:

    I also find that the “Perfect Pushup” is a great investment for people reluctant to exercise. It costs from $20 to $30 but it makes doing pushups much easier. I had never done a pushup in my life because of the pressure that a pushup put on my wrists. With perfect pushup, I am up to 60 per day.

  2. Texas Girl says:

    Good idea about taking the bike trailer to the grocery store. Now if I could just get over my silly pride about riding my bike to the store….

  3. Jay Gatsby says:

    I like the idea of biking to the store with a trailer. You can put both your kids (wearing helmets, of course) and your groceries in the trailer. Your kids get a fun ride, while you get a good workout. True, this only works well during the warmer months, but imagine how much gas you’ll save.

    The only concern I have is where you park your bike and lock up your trailer. You’ll probably need two bicycle locks.

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