Using Discount Programs to Save Money

Earlier today I had to buy a backpack. I had to buy a backpack because my high school aged son managed to break his current backpack. Now, I am not really sure how one breaks a backpack. Indeed, until today, I did not believe that one could actually break a backpack. It was neither torn nor, to my knowledge, was the zipper broken. Nevertheless, my son assured me that it was broken and my wife agreed with him. Accordingly, I went online to purchase a backpack.

After searching around for the best deal that I could find, and working my way through various coupon and rebate sites, I finally settled on a purchase from eBags. I selected the items that I was going to purchase (adding a coup


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12 Responses to Using Discount Programs to Save Money

  1. James Ray says:

    I too am a discount junkie. My wallet has coupons for restaurant meals. I take a bigger stack of coupons to do the weekly grocery shopping. I subscribe to two Sunday papers, just to obtain more coupons. You mentioned Upromise, but forgot to explain how visiting the Upromise web site before shopping online can save 2-20% on most purchases. I never go directly to an ecommerce web site, but rather look first to see if the merchant is in Upromise’s online mall!

  2. Carl says:

    One of my favorite tricks is to google search coupons or rebates before purchasing anything on the internet. Often I find that I can save a couple of dollars or get free shipping. These sites abound and often I have to really search. But in the five or so minutes it takes, I often click to buy happily saving a fee dollars.

  3. Ann says:

    I attempt to use discount cards at the stores I frequent and carefully check the in-store coupons that print out when I’m checking out and save the ones that I’ll use.

    The only thing that I will NOT do is the “get a credit card and save 10% on today’s purchase.” I don’t want additional credit cards and am irritated that stores use that type of encouragement to incur (potentially) higher levels of debt in our already overspending economy. I think I actually did do that twice, when I was making super large purchases, and had a heck of a time getting the cards shut down.

    I got out of the habit of getting and reading regular newpapers. When I was in corporate, I just didn’t have the time and got disgusted with how they were only filled with bad news, so only read the Wall Street Journal for a long time. Now that I live out in the country, I just may go back to receiving the local paper. Coupons, sales, notices of things like when and where the farmer’s market is and the fact that, out here, you’re as likely to have a story about something nice as something nasty has changed my opinion. I’m looking forward to gathering coupons again! LOL

    It’s well worth the time and effort to save the money. If someone behind you in line has to wait a little longer, so be it. I’m a little surprised that your son was so impatient, but it’s still a good lesson for him to learn.

  4. StupidCents says: (Microsoft) had a promotion just this last Christmas season with their cashback service with eBay. They offered up to 35% at times. It was great shopping for gifts for the family while staying under budget. I really hope they do it again!

    I know they still run their general cashback service if you use their search, but I never found anything of value that I couldn’t get cheaper somewhere else.

    I agree with Carl, a quick search for coupons on Google before making a purchase is a must. I make that a common practice.

    Stupidy Yours,


  5. Persephone says:

    It’s funny how impatient many of us are at times (myself included). A few minutes’ work searching for coupons, etc. can add up to hundreds in savings over the year.
    I wonder why so many of us are always in a hurry. Are we always that busy or are we so accustomed to instant gratification that we can’t delay a purchase any longer than we have to? Any thoughts?

  6. David G. Mitchell says:

    James — Many thanks for your comment. I also use portals to save on on-line purchases. I actually wrote about that last month (link below and embedded in the text to this article). I actually prefer eBates because it gives me my rebate relatively quickly, but I fall back on UPromise when a discount is better there.


  7. Jo says:

    I also look for discounts wherever they can be found. My little grandsons are learning to play golf, and the golf course near us gives a bucket of free balls for every eight buckets purchased. At $10 a bucket that adds up.

  8. crazyliblady says:

    I use coupons, rebates, sales, and my AAA card for discounts. I don’t pay for any coupons, though, and do not buy the Sunday newspaper. The Sunday paper where I am is worthless. I have a membership at (don’t worry, it’s free) where there is a forum for folks to give away and trade coupons. Of course, I do have to pay a little postage to mail coupons, but it’s almost always just one or two stamps. Two weeks ago, Walgreens was having a sale and between coupons and sale items, I saved over 50%. That was just one store on one day.

  9. Ann says:

    Thought about this article when I was shopping. The store had what amounted to a 2 for one sale on an item I wanted and I also had an coupon. My total savings were about 70%! YES! LOL

    Gotta love when you get a good double discount.

  10. Catherine says:

    I am a HUGE coupon and discount card user. I have cards for most of the stores I shop at regularly, some get my points, some get me a discount others do both and I bought a separate cardholder for my purse just to keep them all together. I work in a mall, which means food-court lunches way more often than I’d like, but my rule is to only eat at places I have some sort of discount for.

  11. spicoli says:

    i am currently a member at Barnes and Nobles and i must say, the 10% off always seems to (in my mind) make items more appealing.

  12. Hi,

    Even i use a lot of discounts. They save so much of your money.

    Thanks for sharing this useful info with us.

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