Trash the Budget and Get Happy

In 2008 you worried and logged every cent you made. You made out a budget and tried to stick to it. Every month you failed. Something came up and you overspent. It caused a great deal of tension and maybe even some arguments between you and your beloved spouse. It even made the kids feel depressed.

This is a new year. Then how come you started it the same way you started last year, worrying over money? Did you vow to make a new budget and stick to it? Again? If you couldn’t do it last year, what makes you think you can do it this year? Did you finally take some kind of magic pill that will make it easier? I doubt it.

So dump the budget. Forget about it. A budget is a tool and if itR


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2 Responses to Trash the Budget and Get Happy

  1. For those who are able to spend healthily, a budget isn’t needed but for those who are in debt or don’t do well keeping track of finances, something is necessary. I wrote an article about how to fund a savings account by finding EXTRA money in your daily activities. This could also be used to fund a budget. I think the most important thing is that you are in control of your spending.

  2. minny says:

    We have always taken the money we want to save out of our income along with essential payments.

    And live on what is left! We have never had a this much for this and this much for that, the only time we did it came to about twice our income!

    So, back to old and successful method.

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