Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?

With this downturning economy, even governments are having a hard time. My own city is facing at least a $4 million dollar decrease in revenues, and my state is facing more than $140 million in shortfalls.

One alternative to getting out of the situation is to raise taxes, a solution that no one likes. Thus, the monetary shortfall means service cuts. I would be hard pressed to choose which city or state service to sacrifice. Should we have fewer teachers in schools or fewer police officers on patrol? Or perhaps less maintenance in the parks or fewer jobs for government workers?

What are public services worth to you?

Have you considered what these cuts would mean to you? I hadn’t though


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3 Responses to Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?

  1. Interesting article. An issue we have is a possible breakdown in traditional community. Although online collaboration is a positive step forward for our world, it may have come at the price of not looking out the doors of our homes to see what we can do with people around us.

  2. ann says:

    I think half the problem is the in the goverment offices they are all overstaffed and OVER PAID!
    cut from the top down not bottom up!

  3. I read an article on Yahoo News today about the federal government spending $176m a year to preach abstinence as sex education. How about not wasting money on pushing ANY social agendas? That’s where I’d like to see the budget cuts.

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