15 Things that Make Flying Coach Bearable

Baby boomers remember a time when airline travel was a luxury and a reason to dress up. But these days, does anyone look forward to flying? Passenger complaints have been increasing along with consumer activism and lobbying congress, but the myriad annoyances involved in taking a commercial flight aren’t expected to get better in the forseeable future.

Until the system has been overhauled, here are some things you can bring on board that will help make your flight as pleasant as possible, whether everything goes according to schedule or you get stuck on the tarmac for seven hours.

1. Medication. If you take any prescription medications regularly, make sure they’re in your car


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2 Responses to 15 Things that Make Flying Coach Bearable

  1. Carl says:

    Dave Once again you have hit on a topic that we all have issue with. Plane travel. It is no longer fun and it has become nothing more than the Greyhound in the sky. There is, however, one item you left off your list, that I personally think is inexpensive and helps to pass the time. An essential flying tool is simply a good book. Preferably one that has been checked out of the library. Keep up the great blog.

  2. Jo says:

    You have some great ideas for easing the trials of traveling in the “cattle truck” as I call it. I like the idea of the white noise tracks.

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