Keep Your Brain Active To Save Money

We all know that staying healthy saves us money. The healthier you are, the lower your insurance and medical expenses are likely to be. We are encouraged to eat right, exercise and sleep well in order to remain healthy. But one area that is often overlooked when we talk about the health/money relationship is keeping your brain healthy. We typically think of decreased brain function as a problem only for the elderly or injury victims, but the truth is that brain decline can start in much younger people who don’t adequately exercise their brains. And a decline in your brain power can cost you money.

An active, healthy, fully functioning brain can help you save money in ways you might not


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2 Responses to Keep Your Brain Active To Save Money

  1. Mike Miner says:


    I’m working on a week of programming dedicated to the brain and brain health on TVO, a Canadian broadcaster and came across this article.

    We put up a few puzzle and brain games on our site, so if you’re looking to follow this articles advice, you could check it out:

    Anyway, this article was very helpful so I wanted to leave a comment and let you know we were reading.

    Mike Miner

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