High Cost of Childcare

The Washington Post recently ran an article that really hit home with me. The article detailed the high expense of day-care and cited cases of young children being left at home alone. It went on to explain that many middle and working class families are being forced to make some really tough decisions regarding childcare, namely, omitting childcare altogether because of lack of funds.

In some cities, childcare can cost as much as rent. It’s very hard for a two parent family to pay the cost of childcare and almost impossible for a single parent. Not so very long ago, I was a single mother. I remember the difficulty I had when it came to paying for childcare and I only had one child. I c


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3 Responses to High Cost of Childcare

  1. Sharman says:

    Childcare is really expensive. I’ve never had to pay it, but when my daughter was two my husband and I started an inhome daycare to help people. It is hard to find affordable quality childcare. Ours was, and we were full.

    A Mother’s Co-op is a good alternative. Thinking outside the box can solve many problems.

  2. S Edwards says:

    OMG, yes about the cost of daycare. I’m paying $203 weekly for a soon-to-be 3 y.o. and $60 weekly for a 6 y.o. This is actually more than my monthly mortgage. I’m a single mom and I have a very good job. While I can lambast the cost of daycare, both of my boys are thriving and I really enjoy the social and emotional fulfillment. Having a co-op (with someone speaking a second language) would be my second choice because it is absolutely essential that children socialize and learn boundaries with other people. I’m on the countdown to Aug 2010 for the 3 y.o. to go to PreK.

  3. Jo says:

    It is sad and unfortunate that parents are forced to make the awful choice of opting for cheaper unregistered child care and in some cases leaving children without a minder. A mother’s co-op is a good idea.

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