9 Actions You Can Take to Survive the Airport

Sometimes it seems like a minor miracle if you can make it from the airport doors to your seat on the plane without being searched, patted down, waiting in an exorbitantly long line, having your gate changed, being charged a fee, or a host of other annoyances. There are many things at the airport that are beyond your control, but taking charge of the things you can do to create a non-aggravating experience may help. These 12 tips will show you how to do just that.

Arrive early: It sounds so obvious, but many people don’t do it, putting themselves through unnecessary stress. Arriving at the airport early starts long before you get in the car, though. It involves packing ahead of time,


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5 Responses to 9 Actions You Can Take to Survive the Airport

  1. Erica says:

    I am surprised to see that nothing was mentioned about bringing your own food, or empty bottles to fill up at water fountains. Most airlines (with the exception of the wonderful Jet Blue) is charging something for snacks, and after delays and frustration, even when they are expensive, they are tempting. Also, bringing your own headphones may save you from having to purchase some cheapies from their airline. That is of course, if they don’t charge you for the movie or “in flight entertainment.”

  2. baselle says:

    I think “prison” when I travel to the airport – no belt, no metal, slip on shoes, no valuables, ziploc bag of mini-toiletries, carry only the necessities. Organization and the checklist is vital. At least a week before, at home I set up a travel pile – the carry on bag, the passport (if applicable), plane ticket, clothes/shoes for the trip (solid colors, no branding), iGo adaptors for any electronics, Ziploc travel bag, money belt, etc. I add and subtract as I think of things, then I pack from the pile.

    And I would make the case of debriefing yourself and what you packed after your trip. If you did not use an item multiple times, you either didn’t need it or you might want to consider buying a small amount of it when you get there.

  3. Hilary says:

    One of the best tricks I learned this year is to program the customer service number for your airline in your phone. Then, if there is a delay or cancellation, you can call that number instead of waiting in line at the ticket counter. Just two days ago my flight was cancelled and I was able to rebook the flight and leave the airport within 10 minutes. It’s truly the best way to go about it, because the people on the phone are not stressed out by angry travelers, so they are much more calm and able to help you!

  4. crazyliblady says:

    I agree about the bringing of food, but for a different reason. I am allergic to milk, so sometimes finding something in an airport that I know I can eat is impossible. I bring along one of those tuna salad kits, a piece of fruit, and trail mix. I buy something to drink at the airport and I am all set. It’s also a lot cheaper to bring food that to pay a lot for a sandwich in an airport.

  5. Jenn says:

    Helpful tips, but I have to disagree with the last. Staying close to your gate can be a necessity in the case of a gate change and/or cancellation. If you don’t hear the announcement, it can ruin a trip!

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