How I Save Up to 75%: Online Shopping Strategies

Before the days of the Internet, I never really enjoyed shopping for the sake of shopping, especially after the open air “shopping centers” of my youth gave way to the enclosed, artificially lit “shopping malls” of my teenage and early adult years. Shopping meant that I had to get into a car and drive for 20 or 30 minutes, even if I only wanted to window shop. The effort outweighed the benefits of going out to see what deals I might be able to find.

Time passed and the Internet changed the way we shopped. I was cautious at first, or so I thought, because I was not willing to make any on-line purchases until about 1997, even though I had been on-line since the earl


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8 Responses to How I Save Up to 75%: Online Shopping Strategies

  1. crazyliblady says:

    I use sometimes. If I can’t find it there, I go to Google and type in the name brand and the words “coupon code” or something like that. I don’t do much shopping online, or much shopping at all for that matter.

  2. Ann says:

    I’ve used some of the stuff you mention and avidly pursue free shipping. Shipping can be absolutely outrageous, so, at places like Amazon, I make sure that my order is large enough to qualify for free… not difficult when it comes to books, etc! LOL

    I did recently run into a phenomenon to watch out for. I found it was time to bite the bullet and get one of the good Sears 13-drawer toolchests. The one I wanted was on sale at a very significant savings and there was an “order by a certain time and shipping is free!” Eureka! LOL When I went to check out, I found that they had a sneaky kicker. There was a $60 delivery charge!!! (Boooo! Hssss! LOL) Luckily, there was a wayaround it. I went to my small (just tools and appliances) Sears and ordered it there. By picking it up there, I avoid shipping AND the delivery charge!

    I’ve found a similar advantage working with a local furniture store. They’ll frequently match a sales price, are willing to order and they always deliver (right to the spot that you want it) for free. I like them and they like me ’cause they’ll get my business before any of the bigger furniture stores that seem to offer better pricing and don’t really.

    Must admit that I love the convenience of on-line shopping, particularly since I live a great distance from some of the specialty stores that carry the tools and supplies for what I work on. Now if I could just find a supplier that would deliver wood and stone for free! ROFL

  3. JUDY says:

    Check the website—type in the name of store you’re shopping at and it will list which programs that store participates in (ebates, fat wallet, etc) and the % given. Then, you decide which is the best deal for you.

  4. Cheryl says:

    While I agree with all of the strategies listed (esp. not buying things you don’t need or won’t use) the best online savings strategy I can add to the list is to look for used items. Books, CDs and DVDs are most common items available used on Amazon. You can get some tremendous deals. Just look for the “## used from $XX.XX” link near the top of the page to see the used selection for that item.

  5. crazyliblady says:

    We get lots of used books and dvds practically free. The only real cost is your time and the small cost of mailing out a dvd or book when you send it to someone else.

  6. Ann says:

    Judy, thanks for the — didn’t know about that one!

  7. Ann says:

    Cheryl, I agree with you! I’ve been able to get some terrific reference books for my art for little more than the shipping using the used books feature of

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