Liquidation Sale Risks: Often Not the Deal They Appear to Be

One side effect of a down economy is that many retailers end up going bankrupt or closing unprofitable locations. They are then forced to liquidate their assets and have sales in order to clean out the stores. Very often, even the fixtures end up for sale. With more and more retailers going out of business, this is your chance to pick up some real bargains, right? Not necessarily.

Liquidation sales are touted with such lines as “Huge Savings!”, “Blowout Prices!”, “Lowest Prices Ever!” and other messages designed to make you think that no matter what you buy you’re getting a great deal. The problem is that liquidation sales are not always the best de


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2 Responses to Liquidation Sale Risks: Often Not the Deal They Appear to Be

  1. Natalie says:

    I realized a lot of this information recently. I went to a Circuit City that is closing, and it was run by the liquidators. I wanted a GPS for cheap and wanted to make a deal, but the manager couldn’t do anything w/out a liquidator manager. The warranties were as is too. I didn’t end up getting anything, and the employee there was asking if I had heard of any jobs available! Poor guy!

  2. Cindy says:

    This was the case at a local Goody’s store. I purchased two items a couple of months ago that I liked so I went to the liquidation sale thinking I could get them for less. Boy was I wrong. A boys jacket I paid 8.00 for was now 26.00. A pair of dress pants that were 15.00 previously were now 30.00. Please pay attention to prices at these sales. You can shop sales at stores that are still in business and get much better deals.

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