Why Now is the Best Time to Shop

Conventional wisdom has long held that the best deals come close to the holidays. Another bit of conventional wisdom is that the best time to buy is when the economy is in recession and retailers need the money. These age old rules of shopping may not be as rigid as they once were. They still hold true, but perhaps not for as long as they once did. Here are two reasons why now is the best time to shop in perhaps the last 5 years, and why your window of opportunity may be slimmer than years before.

When times are tough, it’s tough to make a profit

When the economy is in recession, businesses have a much harder time moving goods. The current economic condition is thought to be one of th


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3 Responses to Why Now is the Best Time to Shop

  1. Jo says:

    Have already found some great deals, in the food and gift categories.

  2. Joe says:

    @ Chelo,

    Keep your eyes peeled – they’re out there!

    @ Jo,

    If you see one for a snow blower, let me know! 😉

  3. topwaystosave says:

    It’s amazing that even after Xmas the stores are still pretty empty. It’s scary out there. Great time to shop if you’ve got the money though.

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