It’s Time to Get Your House Ready for Sale

I was chatting with a neighbor the other day and he mentioned that he is having the entry to his home renovated. I was surprised, since his home is relatively new and, I think, quite nice. He laughed and said that his house does not have “foyer appeal” and that he wants it to be ready for sale when the local real estate market rebounds. Accordingly, he is tearing up perfectly good tile in order to replace it with Travertine.

My neighbor is a real estate salesman. He has lamented that sales have been down for close to two years. Now, he says that sales are non-existent. When I reminded him of the down economy and asked why he would do renovations now, he raised an eyebrow a


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2 Responses to It’s Time to Get Your House Ready for Sale

  1. Jo says:

    Great advice, hadn’t thought of it this way. It really makes good sense.

  2. Ann says:

    I have a close friend whose husband does this type of thing and David is soooo right! The guy would love to have more work on his plate right now.

    I’ve actually budgetted to do a bit of redecorating inside for next year. Already have the new curtain rods and drapes (they were on sale for 50% off) and there’s a recliner and a couple of other things that need to be replaced in the familyroom. Price-wise this is definitely a good time to be getting this done!

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