What Weight Management and Financial Management Have In Common

A neighbor recently confided that she had just paid off the last of her substantial debt.

“I can’t tell you what a relief it is,” she said. “It’s like having my life back again. All that time I was living under the crushing pressure, and now I’m free. I don’t know how things got so out of control. I feel so good now, where before I felt terrible. But it was so much work to get out of debt. We really had to exercise restraint and discipline.”

Another friend who had moved away recently returned for a visit — about 200 pounds lighter. When I told her how great she looked, she said, “It’s great. I have my life back. I was so out


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3 Responses to What Weight Management and Financial Management Have In Common

  1. Absolutely the most accurate article on either debt or dieting that I have ever read.

  2. Tammy says:

    Great post just before the holidays. I am doing both weight loss and getting out of debt and it feels great, the constant temptation is there, but the rewards from the effort become more rewarding than the “sweet” purchase or food. And your so correct to avoid triggers. Thanks for the encouragement and advice. Love your Blog by the way.

  3. minny says:

    I completely agree – debt and weight have so much in common – they are both SO easy to put on and so hard to get off.

    Buying that car on the loan – the holiday, the handbags, the clothes, the meals out, the takeaways, the new this, the new that – just put it on the credit card! The next thing you know your debt is the same as your annual income.

    Eating those meals out, ignoring the fat, the sugar the extra pound here and there. The next thing you know you weigh hundreds of pounds.

    So, to pay back your debt you have to cut back to far less than you earn to free up money to pay it back.

    To lose the weight you have to cut back to fewer calories than you could eat to free up those calories you need to get lighter.

    Both need self discipline and both are hard work and are not easy to achieve. Much easier to live within your means and eat sensibly!

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