Saving Money in the Face of Type 2 Diabetes

My husband is on the verge of a life-changing diagnosis: type 2 diabetes. I’m proud to say that he is looking this impending diagnosis in the face and calling its bluff.

Besides the symptoms is the sheer expense of diabetes: insulin, blood meters and co-pays for the doctors’ appointments, to name a few. In our quest to save something for the kids’ college funds, he is taking matters into his own hands and (with the approval of his doctor) is striving to stabilize his blood sugar for as long as possible without medical intervention.

With his family’s strong history of diabetes, can he avoid – or at least lessen the effects of – this family trait? Can he be


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4 Responses to Saving Money in the Face of Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Koppur says:

    I understand. A year ago I was diagnosed with MS, and the amount spent on this is crazy; daily shots, steroids, pain relievers, trying to eat healthy, staying active, etc. Good luck to your hubby.

  2. Ann says:

    I am glad your husband is taking this seriously. Be aware that many fruits and some vegetables will actually raise his blood sugar faster than “sweets” will.
    My dear husband is Type I.

  3. baselle says:

    Keep at it, taste buds take a little time to retrain. Noticed that you have fresh and canned fruits and vegetables. What about frozen? Often the big three – corn, peas, green beans – on sale are a bit cheaper than fresh but offer the flexibility of canned.

  4. minny says:

    I have searched out a section from our Diabetis organisation – it is all about shopping it gives lots of advice including recipes.

    In Britain frozen vegetables are more popular than canned. They are just as good as fresh for the ‘5 fruit and vegetables a day’.

    The slow cooker is excellent for cooking beans. I have had some cannelini beans soaking all night and will put them in the SC later this morning. The trouble with American bean recipes is that they seem to contain a lot of sugar. Have a search on the internet for recipes from other parts of the world. Here in Britain we don’t seem to like our savoury food as sweet as you do – this includes salad dressings.

    What the French do for a salad is to put a little Dijon mustard in the bottom of the salad bowl, mix with a spoon of wine vinegar and then 3 spoons of olive oil (very good for you, flax oil is also good for the Omega 3’s) they then put the lettuce on top (never the iceberg types – they use softer leaves). When they are ready to eat it they mix it up.

    We in Britain are lucky because our doctor/nurse visits are free (we pay an insurance contribution through our salary which includes everyone) and drugs are charged at a set rate – about $10 for a month’s worth. However it is free for many groups and for certain illnesses. (Including me and my husband as we are both over 60)

    Changes are always difficult, but when your health is at stake it is worth doing. Good luck.

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