10 Things I Hate About Money

Money is physically dirty

99.9% of all paper money is covered in germs and bacteria including E. coli and salmonella. Money isn’t just dirty because of the microorganisms; it’s also covered in bits of fecal matter and grains of cocaine. You would probably be just as well off licking the bottom of your shoe as you are putting a well used dollar bill in your mouth. Think about that while you eat the sandwich that some guy who handles money just fixed for you.

Money doesn’t go as far as it used to

When I was a kid, a pack of gum was a nickel. Now you’re lucky to get a piece of gum for a nickel. Of course, I didn’t really care what the price of gum was then, but I


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5 Responses to 10 Things I Hate About Money

  1. Before I completely absolutely get grossed out on that Point #1, could you possibly provide some back up references on those facts? I am hoping they are incorrect, urban myth and otherwise false.

  2. familyof8 says:

    Good read! :)

  3. Most of know these things but just hate to actually say it out loud. Thank You. I agree 100% with you on #5-7. So many times the size of your house, car and what you have in them makes the person. We (and I say we including myself) forget that the material things don’t make the person. Maybe they are making a financial decision for their family that works. As for #7 been there done that! and let tell you it hurts when your child says that you work to much and they miss you. When they will make sacrifices(things) to have time with you are you willing to make the sacrifices ($$$$) to make it happen??

  4. Jo says:

    I agree with you on #1.

  5. Joel says:

    Good reading, I agree with you on all 10 items. I am a 70 year old male and have been through it all.

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