The Money-Wasting Days of Our Lives

In the days when I worked at an office, I would often get up late, rush to work and hit the coffee place on my break. I’d head to the corner shop for a snack in the afternoon, and then run to get more groceries on the way home since I had no idea what to cook for dinner. Money flowed from my account. Perhaps I was taking a break from my frugal upbringing, but I never seemed to have any money to add to my savings.

Since then, dear husband has introduced some common sense into our financial lives, a.k.a. “budget,” which required us to take a close look at how we spend our money to maintain our lifestyle. I, particularly, had to cut out many of the habits that wasted our mone


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6 Responses to The Money-Wasting Days of Our Lives

  1. Your old typical work day sounds a little like mine (minus all the car stuff). I did breakfast at work, mid-morning coffee, out for lunch, afternoon snack and I’d even buy my evening meal.

    I have saved heaps of money since I only now ever buy food from the supermarket and eat at home instead. Occasionally I eat out at lunch to be a little social, otherwise I enjoy my walk home and sitting on my back porch whilst chilling for just a few minutes.

  2. Michelle says:

    You’re preaching to the choir with this post, Jennifer. I’m tracking my spending this week and man … it’s kind of painful. But hey – I’ll be better because of it, right?

  3. Debra says:

    Re: forgetting to turn up/down the heat/ac when you leave the house – buy a programmable thermostat and don’t worry about it.

  4. Diane says:

    Working at home has cut a lot of these expenses for us!

    When we were in an office we ate lunch out or picked up lunch regularly, even though we had a full kitchen and could bring or prepare food easily.

    We did always make good coffee at the office, rather than buying it at a coffee shop.

    We save on auto gas, due to reduced traveling. We usually drive twice a week to the PO Box for mail pick up and make 1-2 trips to the bank, depending on deposits, etc.

    We cook at home every weekday, since we can start dinner between calls, so no ordering pizza during the week due to lack of time.

    We do have additional electric expense, since someone is always home and the heat/ac, lights are always on, but overall we save just from lack of opportunity to spend.

    Our former office was next door to a Super Wal-Mart! Convenient for quick stops, but always a temptation to spend… Need I say more?

  5. Jen says:

    A lot of these money wasters can be solved with a little technological intervention.

    The programmable thermostat is a great idea. You can use the timer on your coffeemaker to ensure that your coffee is brewed at exactly the right time each morning. And if you, like me, like to fall asleep to the television, use the timer so that is shuts off. 20 minutes should be enough.

  6. Gail says:

    One huge money saver is getting into good habits. Once you are into a habit then it is ‘uncomfortable’ to change what you are doing.

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