Money vs. Misery

While at a networking event the other day, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between two guys. The first guy was complaining about how much he hated his job. He said he couldn’t stand the job, the people, the commute, the stress, the hours, or any of it. The only thing he liked was the money.

“I make great money. I couldn’t go anywhere else and make this kind of money.”

“Well, money isn’t everything,” said the second guy. “If you hate your job that much, maybe you need to think about getting out.”

“Oh, no,” said the first guy. “That kind of money lets me drive the Jag and take my family on vacations to H


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2 Responses to Money vs. Misery

  1. Alain Theriault says:

    Good article and so true. You have to ask yourself do you live to work or do you work to live?

    If you don’t like your job, eventually you’ll go nuts. It’s so much better to have a job you like and limit your expenses compared to have a better paying job that you hate.

  2. Carol says:

    My husband and I went through this same scenario. He had a really good paying job, but there was tons of overtime and we hardly ever saw him. He was miserable and when the company offered him a buyout, he took it. Fortunately, we never really adjusted our lifestyle to fit his higher salary (no big house,fancy car,etc.), it just enabled us to pay cash for some of the things others would pay for on credit. That way, we are not so trapped by debt the way many of his former co-workers are.

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