The One-Month Spending Crash-Diet: Weeks 2-3

I can see it. The end. It’s almost here. We only have one week left of no-spend month, where we vowed to only spend $400 for all of November on everything we need, including groceries, entertainment, and gas.

But it’s a big week, with Thanksgiving and all of the usually-oh-so-tempting Black Friday deals that I have to ignore because they aren’t in the budget for me this year, no matter how cheap.

The silver lining is that the hubby has stopped pouting and has embraced our new super-frugal lifestyle, especially the cooking at home part. He now says “that the best thing about this challenge is that there is always something yummy in the fridge.”

Now that we are d


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6 Responses to The One-Month Spending Crash-Diet: Weeks 2-3

  1. Amgad Hassan says:

    I think this a good thing to have some word about how to reduce your pays.
    But what is the benefit when our salary is low.

  2. sonyaann says:

    I love this!! I think that I will give this a shot after the holidays. Don’t expect too much from me! Thank you for the wonderful article.

  3. Diane says:

    You’re braver than I am to do this in November – with Thanksgiving and the holiday sales to complicate things! I think it would be easier in January…

    I think the last paragraph of the post says it all – “just staying out of spending’s way”!

    I’ve cut back my spending tremendously in recent months (while paying off a credit card) by simply avoiding stores… If you don’t go in you can’t spend anything!

  4. MollyJ says:

    I think it’s clever to do it in November, because then you would have more money on hand to pay CASH for Xmas gifts, that is if you still wanted to spend money.

  5. Urban Frugal says:

    Cutting back is great! Congratulations! When you make your budget, maybe you could also include some funds for entertainment – dinner and a movie out once a month or maybe just a nice dinner. This way you won’t be resentful and have dreams about eating in a restaurant!

  6. Lori says:

    Denise, Thanks for the article. This seems like sensible advice. Just like dieting you have to cut out the “sugar” cold-turkey and then add it back gradually and sensibly until you reach a comfortable point. I will give this a try over the next month and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

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