4 Responses to Get Your Budget to Work: Stop Caring

  1. Sammy says:

    I just cannot stick to my budget. I tend to pay all my bills, pay a little extra on debt and use what is left. I just don’t have the self-discipline to stick to a budget.

  2. Alain Theriault says:

    I don’t use a budget because I don’t need one. The reason is because we don’t pay to treat ourselves. We pay bills and pretty much save the rest. Now not everybody can do that, but try to find ways to limit your expenses. I never eat out. I always cook for 4 people so that way my wife and I have a lunch the next day.

    I think for most people a budget is a good thing since they have a hard time controlling their spending. You have to give yourself an allowance. That way you have money you can spend without worrying about it.

  3. Cindy M says:

    Excellent topic, Joe. You’re right, it should be the basis.

    After careful thought on the subject, I’d say 4 things have helped me – by far, age; lack of desire to buy stuff that I used to think I had to buy; having friends and a few family members who think like I do; and a rich imagination. I came out of the closet years ago and just admitted to all and sundry that I am basically a tightwad, and I hereby was gonna quit caring what people think, then I proved to them we can eat well and have a good time without breaking the bank. (And yeah, I’m a know-it-all divorcee with no kids, which obviously helps tremendously in being serious about not spending money, you don’t get too many arguments on the subject with no hubby or kids giving you a hard time. Also helps tremendously that I work from home and don’t have to be bothered with the office scenario anymore). Anway, I say drop all clowns of every age and sex who conspire to keep you blowing your hard-earned money!! Quit that partying and drinking, ha-ha. Seriously, though, the biggest thing in my way of thinking is realizing you really don’t have to follow the crowd and can still eat well and look good, ha-ha, since that seems to be what it’s all about for most folks in this country, sad to say.

    (I want to hasten to add, lest any reader label me a very sorry cheap you-know-what, that I go to church and generously financially support what we believe, and for me, that group has been an excellent source of support and great entertainment as a surprising bonus).

    No charge cards unless a dire emergency is another rule.
    Do without a car if you can, walk, by God (works fine for me, at least at this time, am saving to pay cash for my next one, that way I’ll appreciate the heck out of it when I do buy it).

    “Treats” for me, like I’ve said in other posts, are foodwise maybe $2 at a fast food place once in awhile, wine with a cheeseball, a good candy bar. I load the fridge with good meat when it’s on sale. I can fix the family good steaks with all the trimmings cheaper than I’ve seen families of 4 blow at Subway. And thrift stores are a gold mine for well-made household goods and clothing, yada yada yada.

    A thing I try to cultivate consistently is putting down my desire to buy stuff I don’t need, so I don’t pore over advertisements, got rid of my subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, obviously no cable TV and hey, I don’t miss them much. If I occasionally need think I need a “fix” I hit the library and take out several months’ worth of colorful magazines or brand new cookbooks, that kind of thing. I read my local paper online or just buy a Sunday paper occasionally (I end up throwing 85% of that away, the reason why I quit the subcription in the first place). Regarding birthday gifts or holidays, you keep that to a minimum or decide it will be get-togethers where you fix food together, play games, watch some DVD together, go as a group to local evening entertainment in your community, especially holiday times.

    Anyway, the above attitude has changed my life. I have some cash now to help family members should they truly need it. I can double up on the mortage payments if I choose to or not. I know if my job is threatened, if I get canned, I’ll be okay for awhile till I get another job lined up. All the above make me feel rich and lucky.

  4. minny says:

    Fascinating comments! We don’t budget. We pay our bills, put our allotted amount into savings and live on what is left. We don’t eat out or eat takeaway. I cook our food from scratch and we live frugally.

    If we want to buy a replacement TV for example – we buy one as we have money in the bank. BUT, we don’t buy expensive top of the range model.

    We have lovely holidays – but not expensive. We don’t have debt – if we can’t afford it we don’t have it. A healthy bank account is a great comfort!

    I think Sammy is riding for a fall. What will happen when the credit runs out and the debt companies start hounding you for their money? You will have no skills to enable you to live when you are running on empty.

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