Feeling Better Without Spending a Lot of Money

In my house we’ve had a tough couple of months with deaths, health scares, and general work-related stress. We’ve been tired, sad, and angry. There’s been a definite need in this house to feel better. We’ve needed some cheering up and calming down. In our spendier days we would have gone out to eat, gone to the movies, or gotten a little retail therapy at the mall and bought some crap we didn’t need. If things were really bad, we might have really overspent and gone on vacation to try to escape. We used to think that a new jacket, a redone bedroom, or a vacation to the islands could make the bad stuff go away and cure our problems. How wrong we were.

Now that we


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8 Responses to Feeling Better Without Spending a Lot of Money

  1. Sam Tresler says:

    I have my own sure-fire recipe for dealing with such times.

    1) Open the curtains and get light in the house. Sunlight just changes your mood and brightens your environment. It’s too easy to leave the curtains closed when you don’t think you want to see the ouside or don’t care.

    2) Clean. Like you say, cleaning gets you active, but to take it a step further, uncluttering affects you mentally too. I’m a sloppy person, a clean desk tells me that I am ready for business.

    3) Make something. This to me is one of the biggest substitutes for buying something new, because I still get a new novelty at the end of it. Pot a new houseplant in a recycled container, hang the pictures that have been waiting to be done, make something that you can keep or use. I’m an eco-nut, so I recently made my own laundry detergent, toothpaste, and spray cleaner.

    Anyway, good points. We’ve adopted consumerism as a placebo for creation as a culture, and that is something we’d do well to move back away from. Thanks.

  2. Michelle says:

    Very awesome article …

  3. ~Dawn says:

    A wonderful list of ideas, thanks.

  4. Sue says:

    Great Article.
    I personally have always liked baking bread – in fact I think it is the only thing I can bake. Possibly the process of kneading it, or that it takes at least 4 hours to produce, and lets not forget the heavenly aroma!
    But good point on doing something that makes YOU happy, not neccesarly what is considered relaxing by the norm.

  5. It’s impossible to feel great all the time. But sometimes you get so low that you need help getting back up. I love the suggestions by the author and have used many of them. But it seems that the only surefire way for me to change my mood is to spend an hour or so in meditation/contemplation when things are tough. It’s there that I can get clarity – step back from my emotions and learn to “bless” not “curse” the situation I’m in. I also find that writing music – especially relaxation music – helps me transcend what I’m going through. And the by-product of that is that the completed music helps other people relax and have wonderful meditations too! Win win situation! One lady said that, “I had the most amazing energy meditation – like one of the best Reiki sessions I’ve ever had!” Anyway, good luck to everyone out there finding ways to de-stress and bless everything in their lives!

  6. Bobbi says:

    Nice list. I love to sit at the table and paint or read a book. :)

  7. Carol says:

    Very timely article and good points. We are going through a lot right now (hubby works for one of the Big (shrinking) 3 and the news is really tough to listen to. So one of my big stress relievers is I minimize how much news/internet we take in. Otherwise, I find my perspectives on everything gets warped.

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