Store Loyalty in a Down Economy

I am not brand loyal, save for a very few specific products that, through trial and error, I have determined that only one brand best suits my needs. Generally I could care less who makes something as long as the quality, features, taste and/or price suit my needs. However, I have discovered that I am something of a store snob. I may not care who made the product, but I have noticed in recent months that I do tend to care very much where I buy something.

I’ve suspected this for a while, but this weekend a Christmas-related shopping trip brought it to the fore. The Spousal Unit and I went shopping for the DVD player that our niece wants for Christmas. We hit several stores and found the


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5 Responses to Store Loyalty in a Down Economy

  1. familyof8 says:

    I find I am shopping more often at local owned stores now than the big chains. Even when it costs a few more dollars, I feel like our “local economy” is more important.

  2. As far as groceries, it is supreme habit that gets me back to the same store, even within the same chain.

    Why? I know where things are and can get in and out with less time and effort. I shop their sales and coupons anyway.

    How disconcerting to go to a different grocery and everything is in a different place. UGH.

  3. Molly's mum says:

    I’m a total store snob, and like you, it’s not about high end stores, or the best price. Like familyof8, I’m biased toward the locally owned stores. The more of my money that stays in my community, the better, as far as I’m concerned. I avoid big box stores like the plague, for many reasons.

    I like that feeling of being a “regular” somewhere; or, at least, of it mattering to someone that we’re there to support their business and make a purchase.

    Almost every dollar I spend goes to a locally owned business — restaurants, clothing and other purchases, and groceries to whatever extent that’s possible. So yes, I’m a store snob.

  4. lizajane says:

    I usually stick with a combination. The big box store will match sale prices from the local grocery stores, but I prefer to buy in those cases from the local store that advertised the price to begin with. Now, I might go ahead and purchase other items that are on my list from the big box store because they are cheaper there, so I’m not really being loyal to the local store.

  5. Carol says:

    I think providing reasonable prices that fit consumers needs in this devastating economy is the ultimate form of “customer service”. I have stopped shopping at my usual grocery store, even though it has wonderful employees and just beautifully remodeled everything because the prices are just too high (almost $8 for a 5lb bag of apples! Not organic either.)

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