Saving Money with Your Daily Paper

I try to read a lot of newspapers. I read the New York Times and several other papers online and I subscribe to the print versions of the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and our local paper, The Orlando Sentinel. Of course, life often intervenes and prevents me from getting through all of my daily reading, but I rarely fail to find the time to go through every section of the Sentinel from cover to cover. Last week, I kept track of all of the money saving and money making benefits I found in my local paper. I suspect that if you take the time to invest in a subscription to your local paper, you will find the following benefits as well.


I believe that just about anyone readi


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5 Responses to Saving Money with Your Daily Paper

  1. Alain Theriault says:

    I actually never read the paper. For discount, we usually get a weekly flier with sales.

    If I want to read news, I’ll go online but it’s usually bad news anyway. As for jobs, there are sites that most companies post job offers.

    I can see the benefits of reading the paper but I prefer not paying for them and getting my information somewhere else.

  2. One of the great things about living in a large highrise condo: paper recycling bins! By noon on Saturday, I’ve got 20 copies of all weekly coupon inserts plus any bits of about 5 different papers that appeal to me. I really just do it for the coupons (I clip them for donation to, but sometimes I can’t help myself when I come across the New York Times Travel section.

  3. I work as a newspaper reporter, in addition to being a frugal blogger.

    I do understand Alain’s thinking.

    However, have you ever thought of how much time and effort one would have to go through to REPLACE all the information that is in a local daily newspaper?

    Many of the announcements I post on my blog are sent to me because I am a newspaper reporter or because I read the newspaper cover to cover.

    Those notices aren’t sent to me because I have a blog.

    I would have to go through a lot of time and effort to compile that compendium of information independent of a newspaper’s normal lines of communication.

    It’s not that people haven’t tried over the years with all kinds of ideas to beat the newspapers at their own game.

    It’s that nobody has yet come up with a business / media model that can do the same service in an efficient manner.

  4. Ann says:

    I haven’t read a newspaper in years! LOL When I realized that the only news seemed to be bad news, I started only reading the Wall Street Journal. When I left finance, I even stopped that.

    Now that I’ve been living out in the country, I’m considering subscribing to the local paper for just the reasons you noted… plus, these guys out here seem to have a different attitude. Even the evening news has positive stuff in it, unlike what I used to see in the city.

    I think I’ll try buying a paper a day for a week to find out whether or not there’s a particular day that interests me and then go from there.

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