Declutter and Uncover Your Sanity

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  1. I used to move every few years – and by move I mean “temporarily emigrate to a far-off land”. It totally kept the clutter under control. However, I’ve been in the same country (USA, my homeland) for 8 years now, 5 of them in the same Manhattan studio, and my mother remarked last month after peeking in a closet, “you need to either move or pretend you’re moving.” I’ll whip through it when get into the right mood to deal with it…too bad that mood hasn’t struck me in over a year!

  2. Cassie says:

    I am a huge fan of decluttering. It makes me feel better. I’ve become ruthless over the years and probably get rid of too much when I go on a decluttering binge. When I’ve decluttered it always feels like my house breathes easier too. Must get the good chi flowing or something. LOL!

  3. Carol says:

    I have been contemplating this step for a while now. I’m ashamed to admit this as a so-called “frugalite”, but right now, I have at least 60 handbags in my closet, under the bed, etc. And I won’t even mention clothes and shoes. All purchsed in the name of “bargain hunting”. And now I feel like I am suffocating in stuff.

  4. Gail says:

    I store my tax records, several years worth in a box and on the outside of the box have a note to destroy said box after a date well past any audit possiblity. No need to even look and double check what is in the box before burning (allowed here). Other stuff like all those checks that comes with credit cards get stacked and shredded all at once. I try to keep our paperwork in some kind of order as my hubby would be lost if something happened to me. Even though I have lots of kitchen cabinet space, I realized the other day that some of the stuff in them hasn’t been used in a year and a half (when we moved) I think I need to donate stuff to the thrift store and use that space for other things.

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