Think You’re Grandfathered In? Your Grandfather May Have Left The Building.

This week I’ve been getting calls from the satellite provider we use in our RV. They’re forcing me to “upgrade” my old package to their new, similar package. A couple of years ago I got a notice from them that my package was being discontinued, but that I could keep it as long as I remained a customer in good standing. In other words, I was “grandfathered in.” Fast forward two years and this is no longer the case. Despite the fact that I pay the bill on time every month, I am now being forced to change my plan. It will cost me an additional $3 per month and I know (because this has been the case with them before) that the minute I authorize the change they


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2 Responses to Think You’re Grandfathered In? Your Grandfather May Have Left The Building.

  1. Monkey Mama says:

    We’ve actually only had this issue once, ever. My friends don’t understand why we pay so little for so many things, but we were grandfathered in on a lot of things. We just stick with things I guess. (Gym, cell phone come to mind).

    So I Was shocked when blockbuster online told us we had to upgrade to a newer, more expensive plan. Not sure what the original “contract” said, but we had never experienced this before.

    It’s a bummer if more companies are moving towards this. They’ll lose our business, for sure. The ones who leave us be get our loyalty when we do eventually upgrade to the newer plans.

    Good post.

  2. Heidi says:

    This reminds me of a situation my parents were in. They were the only ones on their party line for many years probably into the late 80’s. They were still being charged a very low rate, even though it was just like being on a private line.
    (Older people might know what I’m talking about.)

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