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Five Legal Music Sites that Can Save Money

A love of music can be an expensive love. Over the past four decades, I have watched my 8 track tape, vinyl LP and compact disc collections become varying degrees of obsolete. In the case of the eight track tape, … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Your Finances in Difficult Times

When my mother died, I worried a lot about my father. How will he cope? What will he eat? Despite my worrying, I didn’t need to worry much about his finances. His forethought saved his financial life, despite our family’s … Continue reading

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Pick the Low Hanging Financial Fruit

This weekend I read a book called 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth by John Javna. As the title indicates, it’s a book about living a greener lifestyle. In the book the author talks about “picking … Continue reading

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Fight for Your Right to Line Dry

My mom likes to show my friends an embarrassing picture of me. I’m 3 years old, hanging on to my favorite blanket as it’s drying on the line. Laundry hanging on the line, drying in the breeze, was a frequent … Continue reading

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