Laid Off: Some Things I Learned

The company I worked for up until last Friday had been facing financial challenges for over a year. All of the employees knew that it was only a matter of time before the company resorted to drastic measures. We joked that one day we would arrive to work and find that our keys no longer worked in the door. Everyone was very open about job searching, and the lucky ones were able to find positions elsewhere. I knew the end was coming, but since I was still employed, I decided to be very picky about my next job. I had a certain salary in mind and I refused to look at any place that was more than 20 miles from my house. But since the job market in my field was so tight in my area, I didn’t


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5 Responses to Laid Off: Some Things I Learned

  1. catmom says:

    What a wonderfully helpful story. Thank you. And so refreshing that you don’t have that holier-than-thou attitude I see in many successful people. There’s a reason you always land on your feet.

  2. This is the best piece about being laid off that I’ve ever read – it’s practical, humble, and full of really important tidbits that you don’t read in a hundred other posts about surviving a lay-off. Wish I’d known all this 7 years ago…

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  4. ThiNg says:

    Humble is exactly the right word. I was really moved by this. It was nice to see someone not recommend that you clean out the stationary supplies and ebay anything that isn’t nailed down…Written like someone who is over the age of 30 and appreciates what they have in life. Well done.

  5. RAJEEV says:

    Good post.. it is critical to spot early signs of company going bad.. the stress is eveident and
    employees know it much before others.. so at times like that quickly brush up ur CV and find another relatively stable job. Also always have an emergency fund to bail you out in case things didnt work out sin ce Obama would be busy bailing out AIG and CIti…

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