How to Save Money with the Cash in Hand Method

Did you know that buying with cash can actually save you money?

The old saying, “Money Talks” has never been truer than in today’s economy. Even big name retailers are open to negotiation; their sales are down and more people than ever are buying on credit. The holiday season is coming up and stores are desperate to make their sales quotas.

We recently bought a used refrigerator and a gorgeous, new, recliner sectional couch using the Cash in Hand Method. Our savings were substantial. I’ll walk you through what steps we took and maybe it will help you save money too.

First, we saved up the cash. Well duh! This may seem like a no-brainer but it really is the basis for t


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5 Responses to How to Save Money with the Cash in Hand Method

  1. Rob says:

    Have you had any experience with this in a major retailer? Or just second hand shops?

  2. M. Beddingfield says:

    Hi Rob, the couch was bought at a major chain retail store. Sometimes you can dicker with them and sometimes they don’t have much room to bargain, but you will never know unless you try.

  3. Alain Theriault says:

    Wow that’s was a great article and great advice. That’s a really cool trick. So you have to show them the money to kinda prove them that’s all you have.

  4. Maybe this is common knowledge to everyone else, but it was news to me that you’re *supposed* to bargain for beds. Even at the biggies like Sleepys and Macys (am I allowed to name stores?).

    But there’s one thing about your article that I really don’t understand (I’ve never worked in retail, which might explain my ignorance): why is it appealing to major retailers to be offered a cash sale? That saves them, what, 1-2% in credit card fees? Yet you’re expecting a bigger discount than that for this type of transaction.

  5. Carol says:

    But there

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