Saving Money on Travel Vaccinations

When traveling outside the United States, there’s a good chance you’ll need certain vaccinations in order to fully protect yourself from illnesses that are more common in other countries than they are here. These vaccinations may be ones that you would probably never need if you didn’t leave the United States (like typhoid and yellow fever) or ones that you are supposed to have regularly no matter what but that some people can get away with neglecting (like the tetnus/diphtheria booster that adults should get every 10 years). Most doctors go by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s recommendations for travel immunizations. What you need depends on the


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3 Responses to Saving Money on Travel Vaccinations

  1. Jesse W says:

    Saving money on travel vacations? Did they mention not to bring along the significant other? Just kidding; that’s what makes the vacations worth it!

    Jesse W.

  2. Brooklyn Girl says:

    You can buy them even cheaper in another country. Malarone (same one, made in Switzerland) cost 10%-20% in Korea to what it cost here. (we were going to Cambodia/rural Thailand and Vietnam for a couple of months)
    In HK doctor visit to the UK trained doctor was much cheaper and so were the antibiotics.
    Oh, and CDC recommendations are overly cautious.

  3. Aviator says:

    Good article, Amy.

    I’ve never understood why insurance companies refuse to pay for vaccinations. Presumably, if one got sick from NOT being properly vaccinated, they would pay for the cost of treatment. They do, after all, pay for my flu shot — I don’t understand their logic or the difference.

    Brooklyn Girl, buying medicine overseas *can* be risky. Further, isn’t Malarone supposed to be taken a few days before entering a malaria-prone area? If your first stop is such a place, buying and starting a Malarone regiment there may not offer full protection.

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