Change The World With Credit? Probably Not

The other day I stumbled across an advertisement for Bank of America’s new Brighter Planet credit card. The idea behind the card is that every dollar you spend earns points which are then converted to purchase carbon offsets. Bank of America is not the first credit card company to try to convince us that we can save the world simply by shopping. There are tons of cards today that benefit charities and causes of one sort or another. Most take a percentage of your purchases and convert that amount to points or cash which is then passed on to the charity or cause.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these cards, the idea that you can change the word by using a credit card is


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3 Responses to Change The World With Credit? Probably Not

  1. TracySBK says:

    Interesting post about the truth behind credit cards with donation claims! I think companies have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the world, but only if they focus on people and the planet as well as profit. I

  2. I got an email from Citibank a couple of weeks ago, letting me know that they had planted over a million trees to help the environment – X number per customer who signed up for paperless billing since early 2007. That kind of credit card-associated charity feels more “real”, because I choose paper-free billing with my cell phone, cable tv/internet, etc. and they don’t do anything like this.

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