Repair or Replace?

This past weekend the battery in my cordless phone died. I thought, “No problem. I’ll just run out and get a new battery.” When I got to the store I was disgusted to find that a new battery cost $18.99. My disgust grew when I turned around and looked at the phone display. I could get a new, basic cordless phone without all the bells and whistles (which is what I already have) for $9.49. A new battery was almost double the price of a new phone.

So now the question in the household has become: Repair or replace? This isn’t the first time that we’ve faced this question. Several years ago the dishwasher went on the fritz. Replacement part: $250. New dishwasher, on


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6 Responses to Repair or Replace?

  1. kristine says:

    I just went through the same problem with my cordless phones. I found replacement batteries for 1/2 price through Ebay. I couldn’t justify throwing away all of that plastic and electronic parts.

  2. April says:

    We live in a disposible world…

  3. Aya @ Thrive says:

    Coincidentally, I’ve been contemplating if I should get new batteries for my cordless for years because I’ve been doing fine with my other phone. I guess it’s not a good idea. Then again, if I’ve made it all these years without the battery replacement, I think that’s my answer.

  4. Lee says:

    Ran into the same problem a while back. I have 4 cordless phones from different manufacturers but they all use a battery pack with 3 AA nicad cells. Of course the connector that plugs into the phone is different for each battery pack. So what did I do? Went on ebay and found a lot of 5 Nicad AA battery packs that were “new” overstock or store returns. Each pack had a different type connector on the end of the wire and none of them were the same as what my phones had. I think I paid about $8 for the lot including shipping. When I got them they were all like new still in the original packaging. I cut the shrink wrap off the old bad battery pack and unsoldered the red and black wires from the tabs. I did the same thing to the new battery pack. Then I soldered the connector from the old pack onto the tabs on the new pack. I wrapped the battery pack with clear packing tape and installed it in the phone. Works like a champ!

  5. I second the eBay option. When my cell phone battery stopped holding a decent charge, the cost to buy a new one through Motorola would have been $30 plus shipping and tax. Instead, I ordered one on eBay, and it cost me $7, including shipping, and there was no tax. And the cheap battery works just fine!

  6. ThiNg says:

    I think it is important to stress the repair option with second hand or used parts. When something big breaks on my car, I can usually get a second hand part or used part from the auto-wreckers. The same applies to electronics and other items, if you take the time to learn. The part you buy from the repair shop is normally new and they mark up the cost of the part. If my cordless phone battery goes, I would go to a flea market/garage sale etc. and grab a phone from there and take the battery out. Sometimes you can get a cheap $5 replacement with less features, but with the same part you need.

    One time I picked up a pc mouse for 50 cents at a garage sale and replaced the bent pins on the end of my $75 mouse.

    Use the internet to learn how to replace specific items. A lot of them are easier then you think!!

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