Control and Letting Go In Times of Economic Crisis

I see many people worrying themselves sick over this economic crisis. Their worry is jeopardizing their health and happiness. They can’t sleep or eat (or they eat and sleep too much). They’ve stopped exercising. They aren’t taking care of themselves and their relationships. If their worry were a positive force for change, that would be one thing, but when I talk to most of these people, I find out that they’re worrying about the wrong things and it’s getting them nowhere.

They’re worrying about the bailouts, or the stock market tanking, or whether their employer is about to go belly up or not. It’s not that these things aren’t worth worrying ab


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3 Responses to Control and Letting Go In Times of Economic Crisis

  1. Aya @ Thrive says:

    That’s a great thorough look at what we do and don’t have control over in our financial lives. There definitely are so many things we can’t change despite their grandeur affect on us. It’s nice to be reminded of how even the little things we do have control over can help us out in the long run, even if they have to be taken in baby steps. Our physical and financial health should never be out of our control. It might be effective to find someone to create goals with you, like having a gym coach or buddy, things might be more enjoayable when you’re not alone.

  2. Wilson Porter says:

    No question this economy is worrying everyone.

    Reading up on Suze Orman, getting educated on financial issues will serve us all well.

    Thank you.


  3. Jeremy Day says:

    Wow. I would call this a slam dunk or a grand slam. Great stuff. Everyone really needs reminded of the fundamentals right now and this hits it right on.


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