What Forrest Gump Taught Me about Finances

Forrest Gump money advice

My husband loves the movie, Forrest Gump. He can almost follow the script word for word. This is a football, beer and pizza loving man, we are talking about here. When I asked him why he liked the movie so much, he couldn’t explain it. So the last time it was on TV, I really gave it my full attention. While I didn’t discover why my husband has a soft spot for Forrest Gump, I did learn a few things about finances.

Stupid is, is stupid does, Ma’am

This is perhaps the most important line in the movie. It applies so well to the financial world today. If you do stupid things with your money, like spend more than you make or get in debt over your head because you want more than


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7 Responses to What Forrest Gump Taught Me about Finances

  1. Julie says:

    Yes, I have and I love the movie too!!

  2. Caleb Nelson says:

    Headline – “Forrest Gump . . . the investment guru.” I think that these are all very important qualities for someone to learn, if they are interested in becoming financially free.


  3. D'Juan says:

    Garsh, You did a swell job with this article. Thanks!

  4. Jan says:

    What a wonderful take on the movie. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  5. PJ says:

    …and while all this was going on, Forest Gump was fully present to his life, every minute of every day, no matter what. In my mind, THAT’S what made him a rich man.

  6. I rather like the RUN FOREST RUN part of the movie. And quite frankly it describes my financial situation today better than Stupid is what stupid does”, no infact, this part explains the last seven years of my life to a tee. Its suprising how a new take on an older movie can make so much sense. Thank you for sharing this spin on this great flick.

  7. thkgranny says:

    Absolutely the best spin on this beloved movie I’ve ever read! There is so much good advice to be learned from Forrest.
    Another is from Lt. Dan himself. Even after years of self-pity, good things will happen when you pull yourself up out of your own pit. He, too, kept his promise and besides become wealthy, that decision saved his life.

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