Financial Crisis? Make Your Holidays an Event

happy holidaysIt’s that time of year. The Holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to think about gift-giving, parties and such. On top of it all is the ongoing meltdown of our financial institutions.

I was already considering how to handle the holidays with my children and their “gotta haves” from Santa when the financial debacle hit. We don’t go as overboard as some people do, but this year it seems we should scale back to make sure we continue to have money to fall back on.

Instead of everyone feeling deprived, I want to use this holiday season to bring our family time into focus. I want my family to find other things to do besides shopping. This year I’m


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2 Responses to Financial Crisis? Make Your Holidays an Event

  1. Kelly says:

    These are wonderful suggestions. We have two toddlers and want to minimize the focus on receiving toys for Christmas and rather focus on these types of traditions. With our extended families, we have drawn names each year and it is a lot of fun. And, we are begining to do the same with the cousins. These past few years we have used elfster, which is always fun. We start early, like August or September, so we can be thinking about the person we drew and we can be creative. I suggest this to all my friends who feel the pressure at the holidays.

  2. Gail says:

    With no grandchildren, as we’ve grown older our gift list has grown much shorter! I try and make some of the few presents that we give and I cash in any credit card reward points and use them for presents and a nice night out for hubby and me. Lots less charging this year(we had been building a house the year before) so much less on the reward cards, but so far a $25 visa gift card and a $25 Borders card will give us our favorite kind of night out–a simple meal and hanging out at a book store.

    Our neighbor was having financial difficulties last winter and was telling us she ONLY spent $200 for presents on her 3 year old. That was more than we spent for everybody and everything last year! Spending what you can afford and put aside is the way to have a lovely Christmas where you can truly remember what christmas is all about.

    I just remembered that I put our Christmas club on automatic deposits of $10 a month last year so we have over $100 saved which is all we need!

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