Social Security Restart: The Little Known Process to get a Larger SS Check Each Month

social security cardAre you one of the many who have retired early? Do you regret not waiting until later so you could get a larger check every month? Well, you may be in luck. There is a little-known process you can go through to get a larger Social Security benefit check every month. It’s just as if you retired today, but there are catches and it may not be for everyone.

Some call it the Social Security do over. Others have called it the Social Security double dip. Whatever you call it, it gives retirees a second chance at a larger monthly payout. In addition, it’s legal.

Let’s go over a scenario where someone would think about doing this. Let’s say you retire at an earlier age


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5 Responses to Social Security Restart: The Little Known Process to get a Larger SS Check Each Month

  1. GarvFinancial says:

    Gaurav here…the major thing I noticed is that the retiree has to come up with that much money to payback the SSA. Why would anyone want to give back their income to the government that they earned during their lifetime?

    Plus, if you have a lot of money lying around, you are not counting on the SSA check for survival.

    Great blog by the way.

  2. toyguy1963 says:

    Interesting information. But,I pretty much agree with the first comment. Why would anyone pay back such a large amount of money at one time just to get a higher payment?
    It seems like you would be lucky to
    break even on such a deal.

  3. Christina says:

    Why pay back the money? It’s easy. You are getting an interest free loan from the government. Take your monthly checks, put them in a safe investment like a CD, and earn interest. Then pay back the principal, keep the interest earned over the years, and start getting bigger checks. I believe you also get a tax deduction for the all taxes that you had paid on those benefits.

  4. soorsliew says:

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  5. BRB says:

    the SS law was changed in late 2010 to eliminate this loophole.

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