Ten Ways to Save Money and Lose Friends

save money, lose friendsIf you value saving money more than keeping friends, I have the perfect article for you. Follow these 10 simple steps and you will not only save money, but also drive away those pesky friends.

Depending on how close the friends are, you may have to complete all 10 items on the checklist and possibly some of them multiple times. Don’t worry, though; do these enough and you won’t be bothered by those people anymore.

Number 10. Accept dinner invitations at your friends’ house and never return the favor. Let’s face it, eating out can be expensive. What better way to get a home-cooked meal without preparing or paying for it!

Number 9. Whenever you go on a trip, to th


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11 Responses to Ten Ways to Save Money and Lose Friends

  1. dmontngrey says:

    Sad, but this describes my brother-in-law….

  2. jeff carter says:

    This might be an old one but it works !

    When you are out drinking with your buddies, just go to the toilet when your turn to buy the next round comes.

  3. Debbie M says:

    When everyone in your group is paying the same percentage of the restaurant bill, order way more than you can eat and bring the extra home in doggie bags.

    Buy presents for your friends and family that you would want but that they wouldn’t. Chances are, they’ll let you keep them.

    Tell your friends about all your financial woes. Make them as shocking as possible such as “my brakes are really squealing, but I can’t afford to replace them.” They may feel sorry for you and give you the money.

    Ask your friends to use their professional knowledge to help you for free. (Ask your lawyer friend to draw up a will for you, ask a beautician to cut your hair.) When it’s their turn to ask for your help, become busy.

  4. frequent lurker says:

    For the office pals, never bring in goodies, but always indulge in whatever anyone else brings in. For potluck dinners or parties where everyone brings a dish, just show up but make up some sad story about how you were in a rush and didn’t have time and couldn’t stop at the store to grab something because you left your wallet home. You get the idea!

  5. Yuko F says:

    it is really sad..and it isn’t a good idea that we gotta treat our friends in those ways….

    if i have such friends, i will feel like a fool that was taken advantages by them…disappointing..

    But to tell the truth, they are all good ideas for saving money

  6. Bertha says:

    These are only good ideas for saving money if you value that over your friendship. I think that is the main point of the article. Which is more important to you?

  7. Patrice says:

    This was truly hilarious.

  8. Chris says:

    I am sitting next to my worst roommate in this respect. He is intent on alienating everyone in the house. Never seen anything like it.

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  11. Tim Bennett says:

    I actually liked this article. Not only did it have some really great tips it was invitingly different.

    Now I am not suggesting that you do all of these as you will probably lose your friends, I just thought it was really nice to see a different perspective on saving money.


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