Looking for Someone to Blog about Their Debt

We are looking for someone in debt that is willing to blog about it. We recently purchased the Blogging Away Debt Blog and are looking for someone to take over the blogging from Tricia once she has paid off all her debt. Tricia will still be around blogging for awhile, so you would be blogging side by side for several months and then once Tricia has freed herself from debt and moved on, you would be the main blogger for the site. You would continue to blog until you paid off your debt at which time a new blogger would take over for you.

While basic writing skills are important, we are far more interested in finding someone that is willing to open up and share even the difficult stuff that co


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  1. Laura says:

    You have a great site here. Lots of helpful and useful info. I just started my blog to clean up my credit. I am not sure what is in it. I just requested it. I do have a friend that just found out she has a tax lien for alomost 3,000.00. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :)

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