The Plain Truth and Your Finances

As the economic decline slides further into uncertainty, we have to take a hard look at our own familial finances and begin to ask some serious questions. It’s time to take off those rose-colored glasses.

First, we all need to understand what we, as individuals, can and cannot control.

We can control how much we earn

If you don’t make enough money, you can moonlight at another job, change jobs, move, go to school, or change careers. You can turn your hobby into a second job. You can sell stuff on EBay. You can house sit or pet sit. You can have a yard sale. You can mow the neighbor’s yard, clean gutters or clean houses. Just because the economy is tight, don’t think t


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2 Responses to The Plain Truth and Your Finances

  1. Joyce says:

    Great article. We can all cut back on the money we spend but when there’s just nowhere else to cut, there are ways to build an income at home, as suggested. Ebay is a great way to get rid of the “valuables” you’ve collected over the years and bring in some cash. I cut up my credit card last year and ONLY use my PayPal debit card. They even pay you back when you use it. There are also legitimate businesses you can work from home that don’t require a huge investment. Just look around and investigate their reputation before you do anything.

  2. Gail says:

    Although historically eBay has been a great way to bring in cash, it has gotten more and more restrictive and harder to sell anything there and make money after all the fees. I agree with selling things on line as we do it daily, but you might want to look into a different venue to sell on than ebay as currently it is not seller friendly.

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