How to Maintain Your Finances in Difficult Times

When my mother died, I worried a lot about my father. How will he cope? What will he eat? Despite my worrying, I didn’t need to worry much about his finances. His forethought saved his financial life, despite our family’s terrible loss.

Dad always has been a stickler for details. This carries over into his bill paying and investments. During their marriage, he was the one who took care of the bills. He was the one who managed the income. He was the one who made sure they could afford their comfortable life.

Of course my father reeled from the loss of his wife. We all did. Mom and Dad’s lives had meshed together well from the time they started dating. They had a good life


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2 Responses to How to Maintain Your Finances in Difficult Times

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

    On the harsh practicalities of dealing with death the advice you give is spot on. Indeed this advice would serve anyone well in any personal or financial storm. It is especially timely advice given the current problems we are now facing in the world economy.

  2. Andy Abraham says:

    What do we do right now… we are worried about the $700 billion dollar bailout… but what about all those unregulated derivatives floating around

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