Five Legal Music Sites that Can Save Money

A love of music can be an expensive love. Over the past four decades, I have watched my 8 track tape, vinyl LP and compact disc collections become varying degrees of obsolete. In the case of the eight track tape, I rejoiced in its demise. In the case of the vinyl LP (including all of my 78 RPM recordings), I clung to my turntable for as long as I could. In the case of compact discs, I grumbled that I had spent so many thousands of dollars on a format that I thought would last forever.

About a year ago, I accepted that I would need to get on the mp3 bandwagon and I purchased an iPod Nano. I then spent two weeks copying many of my CDs onto my computer so that I could then transfer them to


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14 Responses to Five Legal Music Sites that Can Save Money

  1. ill says:

    Re: imeem and listening to full albums

    imeem launched a redesigned site yesterday which allows you to view artist info pages and listen to their full albums without having to build a playlist of this. So your comment is already out of date.

  2. David Mitchell says:

    ill — Thanks for the update. I just checked out the iMeem site and I do prefer the new version. I do think they could have done a better job of announcing the new site. When I last visited a week ago, there was no mention of the new functionality that was planned.


  3. well I haven’t taken the mp3 plunge yet (even tho my oldster dad has!).

    thanks for the tips, will be helpful for my soon-to-be teens.

  4. Jesse Wojdylo says:

    I do not spend THAT much money on music, but saving every little penny helps. I am quite frugal about things such as music; so this is very helpful!!

  5. Me too I haven’t ride on the bandwagon about mp3s because I’m afraid of computer virus.

  6. Chris says: is also another good option

  7. Charlie says:

    Out of the ones you listed the only one I use is LastFM, but the best one is listed bellow –, they charge you nothing and it “learns” you and plays you only the genres and song types you prefer. great selection of classic rock too.

  8. Allan says:

    I don’t like LastFM that much, their users don’t know anything about prog and you get some truly sucky bands alongside the good ones.
    Pandora and MeeMix are the best ones – Pandora does a technical (Music DNA) analysis of the songs, while MeeMix seems to do more of an emotional analysis of them, both deliver great results.

  9. fordreduxford says:

    good article, i’ll have to llo at some of the sites you list. i recently signed up for emusic and love it, lots of good bands tons of music, pay one price for monthly downloads..

  10. I like building playlists on Youtube. Then I can listen to the whole album and see the videos at the same time and thats entertainment for less than nothing.

  11. robgil says:

    what about nexus radio you can get 1000s of radio stations

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