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Things You Never Thought To Do at the Library

The library is an awesome, low cost place to hang out. But once you’ve read all the books, taken all the classes and surfed everything on the web, what else is there? Try these suggestions to make the most of your tax dollars.

Find a date

Forget online dating websites. Choose your next date based on his/her reading preferences. Hang out in the law library or by the medical journals. But be careful – avoid meeting people in the self-help section.

Play games

Play I Spy with young kids. Spy a blue book, or a book by Judy Blume and let the kids go find it. For older kids, you can misfile a book in the fiction section and see how long it takes them to find it. If you really want to mix things up, hide a book in the non-fiction section and teach your kids about the Dewey Decimal System. Please remember where you hid the book and return it to its proper location before you leave. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting into trouble.

Use the bathroom

Really, the facilities are meticulously clean and the paper is free. The lighting is flattering as well, so do your primping here before you head out to the book stacks.

Perform social experiments

Test the patrons’ power of observation. Read a book upside down and see if anyone notices. Walk around with a book balanced on your head and time how long it takes before you are thrown out of the building. Write down your findings and you could be published in a psychology journal and have your very own writing on the shelf of the library.

Hold a book signing

Remember that manuscript you self-published that you knew would be a best seller? Dust off your hardcovers and give away a few copies. Libraries love local authors and they might even loan you the pen.

Hide out

Are you wanted for unpaid parking tickets? Do you owe money to that well-connected guy down the street? Is your wife mad because you forget to pick up milk on your way home? Hide out at the library! Who would think to look for you there? Create a little tent for yourself out of books (large, heavy hardcovers work best). Crawl in and no one will ever find you.

Lip sync

It’s not fair. The library stocks lots of music CDs in every genre. But you have to be quiet in a library and they make you listen to your tunes with those ridiculous looking headphones. But you can still rock out! Grab your hairbrush and mouth the words to your favorite song. If you’re a classical music fan, play air keyboard on the tabletop instead.

Once you’re done taking advantage of all the fun the library has to offer, load up on free coffee and cookies and find a comfy chair in a secluded corner. Drift off and dream about all the fun you can have tomorrow. You didn’t even touch the magazine racks yet.

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6 thoughts on “Things You Never Thought To Do at the Library

  1. I personally hate the find a date at the library advice. That became very popular in the late 90s, and it’s like I couldn’t go to the library without some guy making a move. It was really annoying. I’m at the library to get books, not to hook up.

  2. I assume some of this was meant to be humerous? but the last time I was at our big city library I found some other things that were available that most people would ever think of. They had fishing poles, life jackets, & tackle boxes to check out (our library is located right on a lake)! What a way to draw a non-reader in and then interest him/her in some books on fishing or the lake, etc.

  3. Better a few Humerous? comments than none at all. Ya’ll could have stretched the imagination a bit more though.

  4. Great article! I find the articles on this blog that help me the most are those that encourage me to think and explore.

    I am a great fan of my public library and find that the customer service rivals that of the Ritz Carlton! Very helpful staff. They have two meeting rooms which my Neighborhood Watch group utilizes (free) for our monthly meetings. Last month the library hosted a speaker from the DNR to talk about all the different kinds of stone found in our state. He brought samples of most of these for kids to take home. I managed to get a few for myself as well.

    My neighbor participates in programs supported by the local mental health center and crochets beautifully. The center worked with her to put together a showcase of her work in the library entrance. This enabled her to have free advertising for her work and I know several people placed orders for scarves since we are coming up on the winter season.

    Our library also has a “Friends of the Library” bookstore in a small room just off the lobby. Softcover are $1 and hardcover are $2. It is based on the honor system and you can purchase as many books as you like. The proceeds go to the “Friends” account to purchase new library books or other needed items. Many donated books end up on the “FREE” table in the lobby, as well as magazines. These are all available for the taking.

    I really like the “Hold a Book Signing” idea. This may have been written “tongue in cheek”, but it actually is a good idea.

    From time to time the library serves as an art gallery for local artists. The walls are decorated for free and if patrons want to purchase any of the pieces, that is encouraged as well.

    I don’t know if this post will be helpful to anyone, but I write it on a “take what you like and leave the rest” basis.

    Happy saving everyone!!

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