Financial Lessons from my Creditors

creditorsIt’s become quite fashionable to attack credit card companies or banks who hold our mortgages, especially with the recent turmoil in the financial market. While talk of increased regulation and pointing the finger of blame may each have their place in how we deal with such situations, both psychologically and fiscally, they can quickly overwhelm and consume us with negativity that breeds further negativity and spreads to parts of our lives we once thought were not connected to finances.

That’s one path. Another path is to look at such pivotal points in our life as turning points, or forks in the road. I’ve always held the belief that life is a school of higher learning, an


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2 Responses to Financial Lessons from my Creditors

  1. MollyJ says:

    Good read. Something to think about

  2. Maria E Retana says:

    My monthly credit card payment was $30. per month. Then I decided to pay off right away whatever I was charging. I used my card for a flight back home, for the amt of $125. a couple days later I paid it off, so I thought. Turns out to be I was a day early paying $125. for the next billing cycle, it takes in the average of 5 business days to bank on line. I thought my payment would be considered for the following month, but no such thing, instead my following billing indicated I was late and I was charged a late fee. How unfair can that be, I send in an over payment and I am considered late. Actually I was a day early for the next months billing period. I called the bank and asked would they please reconsider, I was tolded, it is the computer making the late fee charges. I am so upset at the way this bank treated me. I have made an over payment, I always send my monthly payments, why do they cheat me?

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