10 Less Obvious Family Entertainment Ideas

What is family entertainment? First, let’s take a look at the definition of these two words.

Entertainment – Something that diverts, amuses, or occupies the attention agreeably.

Family – A group of people living together and functioning as a single household.

Seems pretty self-explanatory, doesn’t it? So why do we spend so much time sprawled out in front of the TV watching Seinfeld, while the kids are in another room doing their thing? Can’t a group of people living together and functioning as a single household find something that diverts, amuses or occupies the attention agreeably?

There are many obvious, inexpensive ways to entertain your family, such as watc


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4 Responses to 10 Less Obvious Family Entertainment Ideas

  1. Christina says:

    Or you can sleep by city sculpture,like the homeless man is doing in the picture used to illustrate the blog posting (click on PsychoRatDog if you don’t believe me). Extra thrifty: bring a mug to collect coins!

  2. Machelle says:

    Here is a family entertainment idea that includes a gift. Every year for mother’s day my hubby and kids by me a annual pass to our local zoo it costs about $50.00 and we have fun celebrating the day together but WAIT it gets better. That same sweet hubby then packs a lunch and takes the kids probably 6 or 7 times throughout the year to give mommy a break!! Yep, thats the true gift right there. It’s a great way for Dad to spend time with the kids and my kids love it!

  3. Swanny says:

    Last year I donated all the worthless junk in my garage and turned it into a Home Theater! It costs way less then you think and now our family enjoys weekly family movie nights in our own home. This project has changed out lives for the better.

  4. I just love singing with my family and of course playing tennis with them.

    Well.. I realized that anything I do with my loved ones are just enjoyable =)

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