Playing Hide and Seek with Saving Money

hide and seekI am a frugal shopper. I clip coupons, look for sales and comparison shop. Whether I am shopping for groceries or furniture or a car, I want to get the best deal I can get. I enjoy being a smart shopper and I take pride in it. If you are reading this article, you probably share my approach to shopping.

Have you ever considered, however, that saving money on a purchase or a money decision does not end when you actually make the purchase? I have learned over the years that even after I think I have assumed an obligation to pay for something, I can often find ways to reduce the obligation or to get a better deal, even after the bargain is made. Accordingly, several times each year, my wif


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3 Responses to Playing Hide and Seek with Saving Money

  1. Debra Skvorc says:

    Excellent tips! I have one of my own – I use cloth napkins rather than paper – after all you must wash clothing anyway….and you don’t waste money on paper napkins. You can find some some inexpensive ones (and nice) napkins and tablecloths at your local Goodwill Store!

  2. David Mitchell says:

    Debra — Excellent addition! Thanks! We are trying to do something similar with paper towels. Rather than use paper towels to wipe up spills, we use kitchen cloths and then toss them in the wash at the end of the day. I tried to pursuade my wife that we should use cloth handkerchiefs but she drew the line there and continues to require disposable tissues.


  3. Gail says:

    We switched to cloth napkins and handkerchiefs several years ago. A huge savings. We also keep some facial tissue arround for the really messy blowing yor nose, but that allergy drip works just fine with a hanky.

    I for years have used rags for spills etc. and have only used one roll (if that much) of paper towels a year.

    I train my mind to check my reward balances on credit cards in October which gives me time to redeem any available points and convert them into Christmas presents. I also have a cc that is use for business which gives me Amazon gift cards as I earn them, so I maintain a good sized wish list on Amazon so when I can redeem a certificate I already have an idea of what I want, including magazine subscriptions. Even though magazine subscriptions tend to be more expensive on Amazon than other deals you may get, using reward points mean you don’t spend anything out of pocket.

    When our printer died a month prior to our warranty expiring (the one rare time we bought an extended warranty) we used the refund to buy a discontiued model with more features and cost less money than our refund, so we were able to get more office supplies at the same time. And prior to turning in the old printer we pulled the ink cartridge out and put it in the new printer. A year later we finally had to change the old cartridge to the one that came with the printer. So that was a significant savings on a laser cartridge.

    There are many ways to save when you think things through.

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